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A Rob Zombie Film, 31 (OST)


“Can’t you smell that smell?” Ronnie Van Zant implores, but in this case it’s less the whiff of whiskey bottles than it is of rotting corpses. But do you expect anything less from the rock’n’roll filmmaker, Rob Zombie?

Horror auteur Zombie delivers the same high-energy gore that the genre’s fans have come to expect and love. Like his previous fare, The Devil’s Rejects and Halloween, 31 serves up another homage to 70s horror, with a colourful cast of deadbeats and carnies.

Produced by Zombie, the 31 soundtrack includes eight exclusive original score compositions he co-wrote and/or recorded with collaborators John Five, Bob Marlette, and Chris ‘Zeuss’ Harris, as well as a few classic rock and country favourites from James Gang, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Mamas And The Papas, Ernest Tubb and more.

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